There is absolutely no freakin’ way that matte-heavy eyeshadow looks are even remotely acceptable among members of the makeup-loving mermaid community, and I know this for a fact.

Actually, I don’t really know that for a fact, considering that I haven’t kicked it with any of my mermaid friends lately, but if I had, they would absolutely be rollin’ with shimmer.


So…why am I talking about mermaids??

Excellent question.

Well, because it’s late August, and even though I’m ecstatic about fall, I’m still sad to see summer go. *sad tabby face*


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I was thinking about the beach this morning (I haven’t been once this year!), and that led me to think about mermaids, and about mermaid water babies basking on the rocks with their shimmery tails swishing in the crystal clear waters and their subtle blue and green eye makeup sparkling in the sun…

So that’s what I was going for here.

For the record, this look is also proper for landlubbers, so you don’t need to have a mermaid tail to wear it, although that would be pretty rad.

I think this is a good look for late summer parties and barbecues, or maybe a back-to-school party where everyone gets kinda dressed up. Or, if you’re heading someplace amazing that just so happens to have lively nightlife and be located near a warm body of water. Or, if you just want something shimmery to wear while you walk your cat around your neighborhood.

It’s a good look for multiple occasions.

Now, honey, if you just scrolled down, I know this look might seem impossible based on the number of steps, but you can do it! — even if you’re a straight-up beginner.

If you’ve never attempted anything like this before, though, cut yourself some slack. It’s ok and perfectly normal if it looks like shimmery poo the first few times, and it probably will, unless you’re a makeup wunderkind. but so what? Rome wasn’t built in a day.

OK, enough gabbing… Let’s do this.

1. apply foundation, concealer and powder

Get yo’ base on that face, because we’re not about to leave the house without a little something-something. For this shimmery mermaid look, I like a full-coverage base because I think it balances out the bold eyes and false lashes.

Go with your fullest coverage foundation, concealer and powder, if you need to. Doing a goofy face while you do this is completely optional but highly encouraged.

2. fill in brows and prime lids

According to The official Mermaid makeup Manual, filling in your eyebrows is absolutely essential, and you don’t want to break any mermaid rules, do you? Så gør det!

While you’re at it, this is also a good time to prime your lids, considering that we’re going to be layering and blending quite a few eyeshadows.

3. apply a matte brown eyeshadow onto the lid and into the crease

Another day, another matte brown eyeshadow.

“But, Karen! Matte brown is soooo boring!”

Trust me, it’s an essential step on the path to Mermaidville, because you’ll need help transitioning from the colorful eyeshadows we’ll be using in a moment, and by “transitioning,” I’m referring to making them look less jarring as they fade up toward your brow bone, so get hold of a medium matte brown eyeshadow, and floof a little (pat and blend) onto your lids and into the crease with your favorite blending brush.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look best here. The goal is just get it on there quickly. then we can start the sparkly stuff.

4. Pat a shimmery bronze eyeshadow in the inner corner

Time to start ze shimmer!

Pat a shimmery bronze eyeshadow on the inner part of your lids with a flat eyeshadow brush.

5. apply a shimmery olive green eyeshadow on the center of the lid

Now for some shimmery green eyeshadow! Pat some in the center of your lid, then blend the edges into the bronze with a pencil brush, and you’ll know you’re doing it ideal if it looks absolutely jacked up…

Nej seriøst! This is one of those looks that looks horrible before it all comes together, so just hang in there.

6. apply a shimmery blue in the outer corner, and make a wing shape

OK, it’s time to start building out the wing, so take a tissue or a paper towel, and line it up along the outer corner of your eye. place it so that it follows the upward angle of your lower lash line. now dip a flat eyeshadow brush into a shimmery blue eyeshadow, and place that color into the outer corner.

When you remove the paper towel, you’ll have a winged shape, hurray!

7. apply a shimmery black into the outer corner

Pat a teeny, tiny bit of black eyeshadow into the outer corner of that wing. You only want the tiniest bit, too, because black can be very hard to blend, so make your life much easier by not using too much. All you want to do here is add enough to create some depth.

8. Line your upper lash line, and upper and lower water lines, with a black eyeliner

Now take your favorite black eyeliner (’cause every girl has one!), and line your upper lash and water lines, and your lower water lines. considering that we’re going to have a lot going on with all of the colors on the lids and the shimmer and the wing shape, choose a very thin line, because you want your wing, rather than the liner, to be the focal point.

9. Line the lower half of the lash line with a blue eyeliner

Yay! We’re pertaining to my favorite part!

OK, you know how we’ve got all that stuff happening on our lids? Well, if we don’t also do something on the lower lash line, the look could appear top heavy, so we’re going to create a shimmery blue lower lash line that transitions into a rose gold.

Start by lining the outer half of your lower lash line with blue liner, then smudge it out with a pencil brush.

10. blend a shimmery blue shadow on top of the blue eyeliner

Now top that blue liner with a shimmery blue eyeshadow…

11. blend a shimmery rose gold into the inner half of the lower lash line and inner corners

Then, blend a shimmery rose gold along the inner lash line, and take it around the bronze we used back in step 4 (SO long AGO!). now connect it with the green in the center of the lid.

12. apply false lashes

Er der næsten!

Now, you can’t be a mermaid without long, luscious lashes. (It just wouldn’t be right.) good thing this kind of bold eyeshadow really suits false lashes, especially ones with a winged shape that have shorter lashes in the inner corner and longer lashes in the outer corner.

This is a good time to make any needed adjustments to your wing, too. If you need to, fix the angle by drawing it out or up, and use your lashes as a guide.

13. apply bronzer, blush and lipgloss

Let’s keep the focus on our eyes by going basic with bronzer, your favorite matte peachy pink blush (it’ll contrast nicely with all the shimmer on our lids) and a glossy pink lip.

Gæt hvad…?


Vi er færdige! Hello, shimmery mermaid.

Makeup worn in this look
Foundation, concealer and powder — Diorskin nude Air in 040 Honey Beige, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit and Chanel natural finish loose Powder in 40 Dore
Brow filler and lid primer — urban Decay Brow Beater in Dark and benefit Air Patrol
Matte brown eyeshadow — Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Quad, light tan shade
Shimmery bronze eyeshadow — LORAC pro metal Eye shadow Palette, Amber
Shimmery olive green eyeshadow — LORAC pro metal Eye shadow Palette, Clover
Shimmery blue eyeshadow — LORAC pro metal Eye shadow Palette, Cobalt
Shimmery black eyeshadow — LORAC pro metal Eye shadow Palette, Onyx
Black eyeliner — Chanel waterproof eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense
Blue eyeliner — LORAC Front of the liner pro Eye Pencil in Navy
Shimmery rose gold eyeshadow — LORAC pro metal Eye shadow Palette, rose Gold
False Lashes — Eylure 117
Bronzer, blush and lipgloss — MAC extra dimension Bronzer in Delphic, NARS Amour blush and NARS Chihuahua Lipgloss
Nail polish — Essie In the Lobby

Din venlige kvarter appelmisbruger,