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Next Stop: Caron Paris

Meow-za! Saw this on my feed this morning, as well as it hit a bit as well close to home, LOL! As Fox Mulder famously said, “The reality is out there…” I agree, as well as I believe that someday… Continue Reading →

Tanker om “The Voice” såvel som Kelly Clarkson’s Makeup

Red Eyeshadow! Har du nogensinde vist stemmen? Dude, jeg har set stemmen meget på det seneste, 1) Det ser ud til, at de har en ny sæson hvert 15. minut, såvel som 2), da jeg er en sucker for enhver… Continue Reading →

Sådan bruger du læbestift som en creme rødme uden det ser streaky eller patchy

, der generelt er i GIF. Sådan bruger jeg? læbestift som en rødme. Bare gnid kuglen på bagsiden af din hånd for at varme den op lidt, hvilket gør det meget mere fleksibelt og glat, så dab det med en… Continue Reading →

Saturday Surfing, June 29th, 2019

Sometimes, you can’t beat drive-through coffee! Every time I roll up to Marin Coffee Roasters — no, seriously, I literally roll up because it’s a drive-through — I like to enjoy the other motorists in line, because a lot of… Continue Reading →

Makeup as well as appeal blog Monday Poll, Vol. 563

have a lovely day! Så … hvad er mandag afstemning? Fremragende spørgsmål! It isn’t, in contrast to its name, an actual poll, like with bit clicky buttons. It’s just a listing of five a lot more or less random concerns… Continue Reading →

Saturday Surfing, November 24th, 2018

good morning, meow mix! Do you ever have short-term bouts of cat clothing-related insanity? I’m going to venture a guess now that this does not come as a shock, but I do, and mine routinely occur at Target. I was… Continue Reading →

Saturday Surfing, April 28th, 2018

A while back Kate Spade had “Eat Cake for Breakfast” emblazoned on tees, dishcloths, mugs and other products, and while I generally agree with this philosophy, eating chocolate for breakfast seems like an even better idea. I might do it… Continue Reading →

Produkt Spotlight: IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

BOMB DOT COM (men der er en teknik til det) Der er en ny superhelt i byen (denne pige) takket være denne mascara’s Crazy Crazy Curl Hold. Jeg har brugt IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara til den meget bedre del af… Continue Reading →

Benefit set a new Guinness book of world Records record in the Brow Arts!

among the things I’ve accomplished thus far in my life… Met the sweetest, a lot of loving, a lot of trendy feline in the greater Bay area and quite possibly the world, and it officially turned me into a full-tilt… Continue Reading →

Underlige ting jeg kan lide at gøre

teeny, lille! 1. Terrifisk Tiny. Du ville tro, at mange mennesker ville opdage miniature versioner af Makeup-produkter, der var let forværrende, da hvorfor har mindre, når du kan have moar? Men duftiness af diminutive parfumeflasker, læbestifter såvel som øjenskygge paletter… Continue Reading →

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