Lightweight, looks natural and lasts a looong time = my new foundation crush!
You guys, I found the best foundation, and, GASP! — it’s full-coverage.

JEG VED! hvem er jeg…? What happened to Karen??


I practically never wear full-coverage because full-coverage typically implies full-effort. You’ve gotta blend and stipple and buff and blend and blend so that your skin doesn’t go all cake-face. but with this liquid foundation by wander Beauty, I literally do a 60-second slapdash job with my fingers, and my skin looks even-toned and natural.

Wander charm is an up-and-coming makeup line you can find at Sephora (and also on the wander charm website). Their whole shtick is makeup for the busy makeup-lovin’ lady-on-the-go, or really anybody who likes put-together makeup but doesn’t have all the time in the world for complicated looks. (Remember Bobbi brown before Bobbi left? It’s kinda like that, but with much more of an emphasis on the whole travel angle.)

And that pretty accurately describes the payoff for nude illusion liquid Foundation. Effortless, simple, elegant. You can put it on in a moving car while you’re half-asleep. A one-ounce tube is $40, and it comes in 12 different shades for all skin types.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Here’s shade “Tan” in natural light best after applying it in the morning.
I put it on this morning, then took pictures of it throughout the day. first thing this morning, I swiped and dotted the foundation all over my face with the large doe-foot (it’s similar to the applicator that comes with my beloved Neutrogena Hydro Boost). Then, I blended it in with my fingers and — surprise! — that was that. Didn’t even have to buff it down with a real techniques buffing brush or anything. I just left it as is! No powder, no nothing. It looks natural and lasts all day long.

And here it is in outdoor lighting best after lunch (about four hours later). Still looks fresh!
The finish? Jeg elsker det. It’s satiny, so a little bit of light reflects off the skin, but it’s not full-tilt dewy like Charlotte Tilbury flawless Filter or MAC face and Body.

Come to think of it, this is very much like NARS velvet Matte Skin Tint, but with much more coverage. bottom line: It’s matte with a low-key pearl and looks very skin-like and just plain gorgeous. Plus, benefit — it also blurs pores ever-so-slightly.

Later in the afternoon (with my copilot bossing me around) in indirect light in the car

Your selfies are gonna thank you because nude illusion looks so good in pics, too, especially in real-life lighting situations — indoor light, outdoor light, full-sun. Alt er godt!

Do you know that feeling?

The one after you’ve been sick for a while when you finally stop hating food?

Well…it’s not like I despise food when I’m sick, because yeah, I’ll still get down with a can of Annie’s chicken soup, but it’s not like I delight in it or anything. because when my nose is stuffed hard as a rock, I can’t taste anything.

Anyway, today was the first day I felt good hungry in much more than a week, so Connor Claire and I headed to Creekside Bakery, our favorite lunch spot in Novato.

I had a cup of black-eyed pea soup with collard greens and bacon that was to. Dø. Til. It was filling and — dare I say — quite fibrous, ha ha! Connor and I also split a savory scone (with cheddar cheese, leeks and MOAR bacon). We also got a sprinkle cookie, but Connor refused to share it with me… I can’t blame her, LOL!

Side note: Is anybody else extra picky about their scones? I don’t like when they’re very dry and hard and hurt the roofing system of my mouth, but the ones at Creekside are juuust right.

By the way, the white toy horse in these pics is named “Applesauce,” in case you were wondering, and according to Coywolf, he’s actually a unicorn, but he has a very short horn.

There’s a bridge by the bakery that crosses a creek, so we took a quick walk and looked for squirrels afterward.


Didn’t see any today, but we saw plenty of leaves, though!

Din venlige kvarter Charm Addict,