great morning, gorgeous! The birthday lasagna is in the oven, as well as I’m about to pick up Connor’s cake for her birthday party. (I’ll publish a picture. It’s a three-layer lemon cake with pink ombre rosettes going up the sides!) As usual, I’m running around at the last minute, so I’m going to keep my makeup simple. perhaps something with the MAC Padma Lakshmi collection.

Before I go do some quick twister blending (you gotta do what you gotta do!), right here are some stories that caught my bronzed eye this week.


Wow, it appears like this is lastly gonna happen. Cosmetics as well as personal-care products are about to find under federal regulatory scrutiny after 80 years. There’s a tentative contract on a proposal that would need business to register with the FDA (right now business don’t even have to register at all) as well as need the FDA to evaluate a number of components for safety.
Currently, the FDA doesn’t need manufacturers of products like shampoo, deodorant, lipstick or eye makeup to report security problems. Det er rigtigt! any type of ol’ Joe Shmoe might add shoe polish or bird poop to your eyeshadow, as well as it would be totally “legal.”

Lipstick in powder type is a thing, as well as all I have to state is, who believed this would be a great idea…? between the cat, as well as the kid, as well as my inherent clumsiness, this is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Whelp, my drugstore beauty desire listing just got longer since of this listing by the Wirecutter.

Do you ever go to this site, BTW? They’re had by the new York Times. I usually inspect it for evaluations on home appliances like plates as well as vacuums. They do extensive research study as well as testing.

Yup, more as well as more shoe brands are getting into makeup. (See: Christian Louboutin.)

Do you believe this is a weird leap?

I believe it’s type of crazy…because what do ? shoes have to do with ? lipstick, really? however I’m a shoe enthusiast (to put it mildly), so I’m down.

OK, so this article reads like a Charlotte Tilbury infomercial toward the end, however I got sucked in when Charlotte spilled the beans on what it’s like for her to do star makeup for the Oscars.

Favorite pics of the week: these pictures of the Dukha people of Mongolia. They’re a nomadic tribe that has resided in the exact same region for centuries, as well as they have a special connection with the area’s wild animals, including reindeer.
The pics of the kids napping with reindeer melt my ? hjerte.

There’s something extremely Hannibal Lecter about these portraits by professional photographer Evija Laivina of women using Amazon’s weirdest beauty devices, however oh, my goodness, I can’t look away…
Do these contraptions really do anything for anyone? They look like horror movie props!

Before I go to bed, I utilize hand cream as well as lip balm…but what starlings do before they go to sleep is much more interesting!

Aw, man, this makes me want to feed Michael B. Jordan brownies as well as ask him exactly how his day went. ?

My preferred tune from the Black Panther soundtrack

I am this man. This guy is me.


Have a fantastic day! Tillykke med fødselsdagen ??? to all the pisces infants out there.

Din venlige Community Beauty Addict,