among the things I’ve accomplished thus far in my life…

Met the sweetest, a lot of loving, a lot of trendy feline in the greater Bay area and quite possibly the world, and it officially turned me into a full-tilt crazy cat lady.


Totally embarrassed myself in front of François Nars.

And now I can add experiencing the setting of a Guinness world record in the brow arts to the list!


Dude, I was obsessed with the Guinness book of World’s Records when I was a kid (was I the only one?). the current edition was always the first book I grabbed off the shelf at the school book fair.

So, when benefit asked me if I wanted to bear experience to Guinness world record history (and that it would also have something to make with brows), you better believe Raul and I said yes.

The event took place last Friday in San Francisco’s Union Square, where benefit set a new Guinness world record for — wait for it — the most people filling in their eyebrows simultaneously, and hi — they did it just in time for October 2nd, which is national Brow Day, a.k.a. the incredibly bowl of brows in Benefit’s world.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Yes, brow history was set by 295 Bene-babes and dudes (a few were dudes) of all ages…

Fun fact: If you’re going to set a record for filling in brows, all of the participants need to remove their existing brow product first…because you gotta take ’em off before you can put them back on.

The actual brow products were supplied by benefit goody bags, and the participants then waited to make history in one of the two designated hot pink brow waiting areas marked in the middle of the square.

Benefit chief appeal Ambassador and record-making makeup event host Maggie Ford-Danielson explained that official Guinness world record judge Claire Stephens would be judging on three things:

The brow had to have a defined shape, so no patchiness.

There could be no gaps either.

There had to be a smooth flow of color (which must be easy to make with the Goof proof Brow pencil in the goody bag).

Maggie Ford-Danielson’s 3 ride or die benefit Brow Products

Precisely My Brow Pencil: “I wear shade 3.5. That thing is my go-to. I can do a really intense brow, a really natural brow. I have the precision with that pencil to built my brow the way I want to.”

Gimme Brow: “I like to layer that on top of precisely to really give that volume. Or, if I’m just in a quick rush, it’s Sunday, I don’t really need to have a whole look, I just brush that through and it really gives me a natural-looking brow.”

High Brow: “Old school. It has a place in my heart and guess what? It still like in the top five benefit brow products because it is just… You pop it underneath your brow, it’s a soft matte pink color. It gives you a lift, it makes you look alive and awake, and it’s the best pairing with any of our other brow products.”

Other than the brow products, the goody bags also contained a hot pink poncho, which each participant donned shortly before filling in their brows for the actual world record.

There was a method to the madness, because as people plumped up their arches, pics of everyone standing inside the detailed brow shapes were taken from above Union Square.

After five minutes of high-intensity brow-filling and some rigorous judging, a new official Guinness world record was set.


If I could go back in time to tell fourth-grade baby Karen that she would someday experience Guinness world History…I never would’ve believed it. It’s amazing to have been a part of history brow-story.

Din venlige kvarter appelmisbruger,