The $61 Chanel road movie palette, available now in the travel Diary fall Collection
Holy highway, Thelma & Louise! I just realized that I don’t have a favorite road movie!

How’s that even possible? I’m such a movie fiend.


Åh, godt. thank you, Chanel road movie eyeshadow palette, for that realization.

Hmm… What about speed starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves? It’s not really a road movie, but I love that cheesy classic (Thelma & Louise is another great one, of course).

Colors of the California coast

Road movie ($61) is one of two limited edition quads in the Chanel travel Diary fall Collection that were inspired by colors of the California coast, and I can definitely see the colors of the state along the coast between LA and big Sur.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

There are deep, oceanic navy blues and teals in this eye quad, but let’s get real — the water is usually darker, murkier and scarier than we ever see it in makeup, LOL!

The quad also has a satiny golden brown, which is a powder shadow version of Memory, the cream shadow in this collection, and a matte tan that looks like golden Cali sand.

That’s road movie on my lids and lash lines, Chanel palette Essentielle in beige intense (from the travel Diary fall Collection) on my cheeks, and Chanel Rouge Coco in Experimental on my lips (also from travel Diary).
Packed with pigment

Powerful pigment isn’t the first thing I think when it comes to Chanel quads. The brand usually pulls back on the pigment — but not too much — which makes it easier for mere mortals like me to blend them and sheer out the edges. That’s one of the reasons I love Chanel shadows so much for everyday looks. They’re juuust pigmented enough.

This quad? road movie has make up For Ever-caliber color. The shadows are intensely pigmented, especially the blue and teal, but they’re still surprisingly easy to work with.

Ready to hit the road

Easy to apply, and long-lasting

I’m happy with one or two (or two) layers and have to use very little elbow grease. just a few swirls and swipes with my Chanel dual-ended eye brush. At the end of the day, my lids still look just as bright and fresh as they do first thing in morning.

Road Movie
The caveat…

There is some fallout, though, with the navy and teal (yup, even when I tap my brush). just to warn you, it can get a little messy with those two shades, but it’s not even close to urban Decay-level fallout.

Don’t be intimidated by the blue and green

They’re much more wearable than I thought. If you aren’t into bold colors, you could wear the satiny golden brown and matte tan on your lids, then line your lash lines with either the navy or the teal, which is what I’ve usually been doing when I wear this.

Another lovely, very wearable Chanel quad.


OK, game of Throne-ers, I don’t know how man episodes are left this season (one or two?), but I’m already going through got withdrawals… This season’s been one for the ages so far!

Connor’s new nickname is “Baby of Dragons,” by the way.

Oh, and whenever I’m out and about now and someone busts an @sshole move, like when they see me walking right behind them into a doorway, but instead of being polite and holding the door open, they let the door slam me in the face, I loudly proclaim “Dracarys!” with lots of bass in my voice.


Nobody gets it but me, but it cracks me up every time, haha!

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